Sunday, April 22, 2007

try one more time

I get so angry when i type a blog and it does not publish it!!!

Anyway... today has been awesome. I knew last night it was going to be good. Church today at RIDGE POINTE ROCKED! From the drive in where my entire family was singing, worhshiping and crying I knew it was going to be AWESOME and it was!!!!

The highlight of church was that my neighbors the Meyers came! I was so happy to have them in church with us today! Cole and Alec were awesome in Kids Worship.

Lunch was not good today... San Marcos had some kinda fiesta last night. The place was trashed but survived and got our bellies full.

Tonight was good too. I had so much fun with Shane and Candy. Wendy's was a yummy welcome change and the trip to Walmart was a blast too... I think the best part is when all four kids were crying at the same time. LOL! To Candy and Shane I would like to say the verse, " whenever I think of you I thank my God" this scripture is exactly how i feel about you guys. You are awesome, best friends in the world and God has BIG things for you!!!

Tommy had a dream come true when I bought a big screen tv tonight. Thanks Shane for bringing it home and helping him bring it up the stairs. He has played with all night. I am going to go now and play with it too... gotta watch Desperate Housewives!!!

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