Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend....

Friday morning Tommy and I headed out of town for the weekend. Tommy purchased me a weekend getaway at the Waynesville Resort and Spa in NC. It was so nice. It is an 80 year old lodge that is unique. Our room was surrounded by wood big hardwood floor. LOL! The walls, ceiling everything. I laughed so hard because Tommy just can't escape floors. LOL!

On Friday afternoon we enjoy the sweet little town of Waynesville. It was nice to just venture in and out of the shops and we stopped for Coffee and Cake at one of the little Cafe's. Tommy got the biggest piece of cake I believe I have ever seen. The picture in this blog is just half of the piece. They had beautiful homemade cakes and candies. Friday evening we ate at the lodge at the resort at a place called The Tap Room. It was so wonderful. We went casual for this meal because we had a huge lunch at the MOOSE CAFE in Asheville on our way up. It was a nice but fun little pub. They were having Karaoke. I thought about entering but with the jackpot being $1500.00 I assumed I would loose because only really good people would compete for that. Boy was I wrong... I am not a great singer and I could have walked away with $1500.00. LOL!!!!

Saturday morning we woke up to the wonderful smells of breakfast being cooked their in the LODGE. It was amazing. Full buffet of every type of breakfast food you could think of. Needless to say....we had no lunch. LOL! We drove back into downtown Asheville and did some shopping, went to see the movie The Dilema and then enjoyed one of the most amazing meals ever at The Sweet Onion in Waynesville. I would literally drive all the way up there for the day just to eat there. It was amazing. I attached a link.

Saturday evening we just relaxed at the Lodge and took in a couple of Hallmark movies. LOL! It was nice just to chill and relax.

Sunday came oh so quick... I was missing my sweet boys but also wishing that Tommy and I had just a little more time together. We went to the Farmer's Market in Asheville and then the Biltmore Square Mall to the Dillard's Clearance Center. I made out like a bandit! We scored for all four of us some GREAT deals.

I was glad to get home to my boys this afternoon. We gave them all there surprises and then headed out to make some Christmas returns here locally. My sweet Eli had purchased me a really awesome watch for Christmas but it fell apart while we were in NC. I took it back to Belk and I kinda upgraded a bit to a Michael Kors watch. HUGE thanks to my sweet hubby! We enjoyed dinner with them at Logan's and then came home to let them see the final Hannah Montana and for me to watch the Golden Globes.

This weekend was great and none of it could have happened without my sweet hubby. I love you Tommy!

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