Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am so glad God doesn't delete or block.....

With the era of social media one thing has become clear to me, that being that people are people. Just fallen humans that if not for the Grace of God would be worthless. Over the past years from myspace, twitter, facebook, I have come and gone on people's "friend" list. It is really amusing if you think about it. You get mad at someone, you get offended by someone...You just "delete" them. How cool is that? honestly....not to cool.

Well, to be completely honest, I have always thought it to be childish or what I like to refer to as "middle-school" behavior. Recently a dear friend of mine expressed to me that she had to go through and delete a large number of people from her facebook due to the fact that when she read certain things from their pages it affected her entire day. Her attitude, mood, etc. She realized that it was not worth the stress to have these individuals as part of her "social network". I can understand that. I recently have had to do some "cleaning" up of my social network friends also. This was not really done by choice but because of a particular situation that I have been faced with. I was legally advised to delete all people associated with this situation as well as anyone they were tied too also. Not only delete...but block. Yes, you can block someone...it is as if though that person doesn't even exist. At a human standpoint it is wonderful. At a Christ like standpoint, I find it to be very sad. Some people I really did not want to delete but they had to be deleted due to association. Not really fair...but then again...life is not fair. I know I probably offended some people that I had to delete but I really had no other choice. Sad...but true.

These situations got me to thinking about God. You know if he could delete or block us because of our wrongs or offenses, we would be in big trouble. What if he deleted or blocked us just because of association? That would be horrible! Instead, he chooses to love us with an unconditional love. A love like no other. I am so glad that I serve the true and living God that would never delete or block me from his salvation, love, mercy, grace and very presence.

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