Thursday, January 6, 2011

kiddo date night

Tonight I had a great date. My date was with one of the cutest guys ever...Mr. Bleeze Bagwell. He was so much fun tonight. Everyweek we try to do something with the boys one on one. This week my time was devoted to Bleeze. While Tommy took Eli to see "True Grit", I took my little guy to Stevie B's pizza.

He loves him some pizza. In fact it is one of the VERY few things he will eat. He had a blast playing all the games. I guess the most excited part was when we played the "claw"game. He one a monkey and then I tried an won a cow. We were so excited. We were screaming. He was so proud of himself! All I could think of was Toy Story! LOL!

After dinner we went to Dollar Tree and Kohls. Khols was wiped out from Christmas. If anyone is having a baby though. I would go. they had clothes for $2.00. (I was looking for my sweet little nephew on the way Tanner).

So for now... I am going to go wait on the big guys to get home. Bleeze is sleeping and I am getting sleepy! nightie night.

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