Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK

Today is Martin Luther King Day and school is out. I decided homeschool will be out too. LOL! I took the kids to meet our besties! We enjoyed pizza and games with the Stone Kids at Stevie B's. I have to admit. I just enjoy getting to hang out with Candy and the kids can play and have fun there. The certainly had fun and weh really enjoyed going back to their house for some more play time. I loved hanging out with Candy all afternoon.

It has started to rain today...blah..first snow, now rain. I am so ready for some sunshine. Bleeze went with me to buy groceries tonight where I taught myself a valuable lesson (or should I say...God did) I promised Bleeze that if he had great behavior while we grocery shopped we would visit the "redbox" outside of Walmart to rent a movie. Well, he was good so off we went to the redbox. I was getting so frustrated with the stupid piece of technology and a line built behind me causing me to become evern more flustered. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I could feel my blood pressure rise as with each time I hit the "checkout" button it would give me some excuse as to why I could not "checkout". I could feel the need to "cuss" coming on me. LOL!!! I was trying to keep my composure since I had my five year old son with me! I finally just yelled out and everyone heard me "good God Almighty". It seemed more appropriate than the words that were circulating my mind. As a I finally accomplished the task of renting 3 movies from the stupid redbox kiosk, I realized that someone I attend church with was behind me....GREAT! I know that had heard what some people may think is "taking the LORD's name in vain"...(I for one was called on the good God Almighty, for help before I lost my mind and begain to beat the machine up) I thought... thank goodness I did not say a "bad" word, she might have heard and told someone.

As I got in the car and started the ride home I began to think about my toughts. Where they thoughts based off of conviction or were they based off of pride. I came to the conclusion that they were of pride. It seemed to me that I was more concerned about what people may think if I slipped up and said a word that some people may think "inappropriate" than God. The truth of the matter is, I was. You see, I came to the conclusion that God would totally see that as me being exactly who I am, a yucky fallen sinner who gets mad and may slip a bad word. While as in the past my experiences with people....they will hold the fact you said a bad word against for years because they may feel you have "fallen" away.

Now don't get me wrong, it is not that I am justifying living carelessly and talking any way you like... I mean I know the scriptures....but the fact is... I am human...not perfect and "sin" is going to happen... and it is so GOOD to know that my Savior is a loving, kind, forgiving Savior who sees me for just who I am and knows my heart!

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