Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution or plan?

I am one not to make a New Year's resolution, simply because I know that I will never follow through with it. Instead, I tend to be a daily goal setter. I try to make it a game in my own mind...You know to complete task, goals, etc. for each day. If I do, I reward myself. With what? Nothing really....just the pure satisfaction of completion. That is enough for me. I have to say that I VERY happy to see 2010 gone. Ugh...for the most part, it was not that great of a year, but it could have been way worse and that is why I have to count my blessings because I know that it could have been worse. Even when it seemed that life could not get harder I know that it could have. It has it shares of ups and downs and basically huge disappointments for me but I am looking ahead to 2011. I am just going to try to live each day, seeking God for only the wisdom he can give as to how to live each day.

The first few days of this new year I have purposed in my heart to do a few more things. Listen more closely to God and to write lots of things down. I think that if you write things down you are more likely to do them, see them come to pass, and also see that "satisfaction of completion" that I was talking about earlier.

Another thing that I really want to do is to continue to blog but the way that I used to blog. I really want to express myself once again through blogging. When I first started to blog, I blogged out of love for writing and telling my thoughts and feelings. I quickly discovered that I offened some people with some of my thoughts and feelings but isnt' that what writing your thoughts down and putting them out there for the entire to world to read will do? So that is one thing I plan on doing this year...not a resolution but a plan. LOL!

Well... I think I will count some blessings and show some gratitude before I hit the sack....good night all....

1. so grateful that even though 2010 was could have been roughier.

2. there is always 2011 to be better...

3. so grateful for Jesus...he's my savior.

4. my sweet hubby and boys

5. the family time we had at Christmas this was priceless.

6. a fun New Year's with my man an friends...

7. my warm home ( I keep thinking about the homeless during this cold weather.)

8. My sudden desire to persue new ideas....

9. Fun times homeschooling...they are priceless also.

10. That no matter what... I know God loves me!

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