Thursday, January 13, 2011

Forget Snow Day...Snow Week...

Last week I wrote I was wondering if we would get the snow they were calling for here. Well.... I need not wonder any longer. The snow has been on the ground since Sunday night. We got about 8 inches in our back yard. Tommy did not work all week so it was like a mini vacation. We were home all week. I feel like I gained 100 pounds. I did manage to get to the gym twice during this week but still...ugh... I made homemade chilli,homemade jalepeno cheesy cornbread, homemade pimento cheese, homemade Italian fries....ahhhh....It was a good week! LOL!

We did go to the mall on Tuesday. It was so strange. There was only a few stores open. We had fun with the Stone crew though. We just hung out and ate lunch at Shomars and yogurt from Tutti Frutti! It was nice to get out of the house.

Tonight we took our two little monkeys downtown to Liberty's Tap Room. We wanted to spend some time with them because we are headed out of town for the weekend in the morning. So, until Sunday, have a great weekend everybody and enjoy our snow week pics.

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Crookeboysmom said...

I really need the recipe for the fries you made... I'm sure they are not weight watcher friendly (something that delicious looking can't be) but I have to try them:)