Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super Saturday

Today was good. I got my house spicn-n-span! I love the smell of a nice clean house. The boys and I headed out to my nephew Jordan's 16th birthday! Makes me feel so old! After his dinner at O'Charley's we headed back to the mall today to return a shirt I picked up for Eli yesterday at Holister. It had a hole in it. So, we just had some fun hanging out and I also got to pick up some books from that Christian Book store outlet. I LOVE THAT STORE! Then we were off Walmart to pick up a few things

Tommy worked this morning and then went deer hunting tonight. He came home frozen. It is so cold! I hear there is snow in NC! WOW! Well, the boys are out and I am being lazy. Lying in bed just messing around on the computer. Tommy is working tonight at Logan's Roadhouse. He has to repair the floors while the restaurant is closed. So for now. I am going to chill, read some of my new books and wait for him to come in LATER (LITERALLY THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT)

Good night everyone!

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