Saturday, October 3, 2009

good day....

Today has been a good day. I dropped Eli off at the church for his fusion fall retreat. I have to admit that I was really nervous when I dropped him off. This is the first activity that he has been away for without me, however, he had an awesome time. God love him, he is so precious. We gave him spending money to take and he bought all of us including my parents bandanna's with "Look Up Lodge" on them in all our favorite colors. He did not even buy him a snack because he used all his money on those. SWEET! He loved riding the big swing, zip-line, water slides, and the amazing race game. He was not even upset that his team came in 5th.

After I dropped Eli off, Bleeze and I enjoyed a trip to Target and then we headed to grab lunch at McDonald's and then we drove up to the lake. Tommy and my Dad were putting a porch on our place and it looks good. Tommy is so good at that sorta stuff. LOL! Bleeze, my mom, and myself enjoyed a nice relaxing walk down to the lake so Bleeze could put one toe in...LOL! He kept saying" I just want to put my toe in" He put both feet in. LOL!!!!

Mom, Bleeze and myself headed back, grabbed some dinner at S&S and then we went to get Eli. We are all so tired that the boys have been in bed since 8:30 and I am lying here reading and watching TV. I am ready for my man to get home though. I have missed him the past three weeks. He had been working hard (as always).

I am so excited about Style Swap next week. It is going to be amazing. So for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Going to bed... excited about the new study on Joseph we are starting at Grace tomorrow. Hope every one's night is full of awesome.

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