Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Day....TGIF

oh, I am so thankful that it is Friday. This week has been busy. The LOOM has been very busy this week. We booked three weddings, plus tons of meetings. THANK GOD! He is SOOO good.

Today has been very good. I was able to release so stress by spending the afternoon shopping. LOL! Shopping always makes stress less! LOL! I spent the afternoon with Bleeze. Tommy took Eli again today to the lake. I think they finally finished the porch! YAY! So, today we went to the mall, Target, and Old Navy. Got great deals everywhere. Especially Dillards and Old Navy!

Tonight I enjoyed dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with my mom. Daddy was with Eli and Tommy! It was yummy! I LOVE their rolls. Tonight Bleeze and I have been just lying in bed chilling! Tommy and Eli just got home from the lake but I am hoping to go to sleep soon and sleep late in the morning! Hope everyone has a great night and weekend!

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