Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So far this week has been going well. Both boys seem to be feeling better. I forgot to share in my previous post that Sunday, I was priveledged to play the piano for worship at the nursing home. Our church (Grace Church on Pelham) provides worship every Sunday morning for the residents at the Garden. I have to admit that I was VERY nervous. It has been ages since I played the piano, let alone hymns. They are hard and they make me nervous. Thankfully, the residents really do not mind (and to be honest, most can't hear well enough to know when I make a mistake) I really appreciate Kevin Jones giving my name to Kathy . I felt honored to play for such special people. I was also humbled and grateful to serve my Lord! The residents were precious and it made a new awareness to me of many things. 1. I hope that one day if I am in the nursing home I have someone to come and share Christ with me 2. That there are people of all ages who do not know Christ yet ( I knew that but you just assume that they are old and they are believers, but not all of them are) 3. That I have to share the talents and gifts that God has given me even when I feel intimidated! A huge thanks to all those who make that ministry such a success...Kathy and Tom you rocked on Sunday!

Right now, I am sitting here waiting on Tommy to get home so we can order Chinese. The boys are playing outside. Today is probably the only day they will be able to play outside because it is supposed to rain the rest of the week.

We have been meeting with brides and other potential clients all week. God is sooo good! Enjoyed a yummy lunch at Anita's today with Brandi and her girls and Dean and Cindy! So for now, I am off to do some work, eat some dinner and hope to spend some time with my family. Hope everyone's week is full of awesome!

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