Monday, May 18, 2009

Super Saturday

Bleeze Loves him some strawberries!!!

Today was a good day. I got some cakes started early this morning and then I took the boys and my niece Lexi to Strawberry Hill. We met my parents there and had a great lunch and then bought some fresh strawberries. The kiddos had a blast. I just wish Tommy had been able to go with us! Poor like a dog! I did send him the following picture. Me and a Sundrop drink. They hard to find so I bought him two in an old fashioned glass bottle. He loved them!

I had some deliveries to make and then I cooked dinner for Tony and Tammy. It was pretty good. Oh did I mention, our air condition was out when I came home from the Strawberry Farm! Thank God I put all the cakes in coolers or they would have been puddles of icing! Thank goodness it did not cost very much to fix and was something minor. I am so tired. I just started another cake tonight. It is a fun one for our neighbors little girls first birthday. Precious!

So that was our day! Enjoy our pictures!

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