Monday, April 13, 2009

Catching up...AGAIN!

In my last blog I vowed to be more diligent in my blogging but once again I have been slack. Sorry to all my faithful readers. I have been swamped. I will once again hit some highlights of the past two weeks and hope to get back on track this week. LOL!

Let's see, where do I begin......

Bleeze and I went with Brandi and Anna to Playhouse Disney! SO much fun! I think Brandi and I had just as much as our two little cuties! I just love Minnie Mouse. She is my favorite. I also have to admit that Handy Manny was quite the cutie too! LOL!

Got a new hair-do! LOL! Got me some blonde back. I am getting to old to keep it dark. Those friendly grey hairs love to show their ugly selves way to early! Speaking of getting old. I had my birthday in the past two weeks. It was awesome. Brandi being the sweetheart she is treated me to an AWESOME massage and then we went to Elegant Gourmet for lunch. It was wonderful! She made my birthday extra special. Big Thanks to Nanny Mary for watching the boys and Tommy for getting them in the afternoon. Tommy let me go shopping and then to the tanning bed. I had an awesome relaxing day. That evening my parents cooked me an awesome meal. THANKS! I also got to enjoy a nice LONG walk with my sweetheart! This past Friday I worked on Sophisticake and more orders. My boys got this wild idea they wanted to spend the night with their grandparents so they went about 8pm. LOL! Tommy had not gotten home so when he did we went out for a late dinner to Macaroni Grill. One of my favorites! We had to wait out the horrible storm though to go so we found ourselves eating at almost 10pm. That is so unlike the two of us but it was a splurge. We threw in a few extra miles on the treadmill so hopefully it will not show up this week.

Saturday I delivered some orders and then I spent the rest of the day making Easter treats with the boys. We dyed eggs, made cookies, and I made us Easter cake. It was Key Lime with coconut. Very yummy! Saturday night Papa Tony and Nana Tammy came over for dinner. We had a nice time visiting with them.

Sunday morning was great! I just love seeing my boys face light up when they see what they get in their baskets each year. The got tons of candy and then two movies they had been wanting. Oh don't forget all the crayons, markers, coloring books, ant farms, and tattoos! LOL! The best part was when I asked Bleeze why we had Easter and he looked at me and said, "Because Jesus rose from the dead". I was one proud Mama! Church was beautiful. I just love water baptism service at Grace. Then they way Matt tied our study of Peter all into the "power of the resurrection" and what it truly means for us as believers and the promise to the non-believers. AWESOME! We enjoyed lunch with my parents. They are such wonderful cooks! I also enjoyed seeing two of my aunts. We spent the rest of the day outside just relaxing. We even took the boys to Rita's Italian Ice and Custard for a treat. I was glad that my parents fed the boys leftover dinner so that I could enjoy another walk with my sweetheart!

This week is jammed pack. From appointments with clients, advertisers, and getting ready for this weekend Switcharoo's in Anderson. We are swamped. I hope some of you are planning on being a part of StyleSwap. Our ladies consignment sale. We are looking for advertisers, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and of course consignors. It will be at the Carolina First Center in May. Take time now to sign up!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter and has great week to come!

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