Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, I lied. I made a vow to try to keep up with my blogging. I haven't kept that vow. God forgive me (I know not what I do) LOL! Once again I find myself blogging about my crazy, hectic schedule. That's life for me though. Many people have asked me over the past few weeks if I ever slow down or how do I keep on going so much. I think I thrive better if I am busy. I don't like to just sit. LOL! I will admit though that I am NO where near as busy as I used to be. Years ago I used to really overextend myself. So for an update...

We have been busy with soccer, meeting with cake clients, making cakes, and preparing for StyleSwap. I am telling you, Upstate SC ladies, you do not want to miss this opportunity to make some extra cash. Let me know if you want contracts for consigning, vending, advertising, etc.

Brandi and I did the Switcharoos Anderson this past weekend. It was fun hanging out. I do have to say that it is nowhere near the scale of the Greenville event but it was good.I made me some cash off of some of my baby equipment. Not only where we vendors but we also consigned. So sad to see my bassinett hoo! That is why I am encouraging all you ladies to be a part of StyleSwap!!!!

Brandi and I also had a killer cake this past weekend. We worked on that cake for 48 hours. LITERALLY!!!!

Saturday night I got a date night with my sweetheart. We had dinner and went to see Larry the Cable guy. LOL!!!! I thought I would die I laughed so hard. It was fun times!

Sunday, we started a new study on Ecclesasties at church. AWESOME, AMAZING!!! I really need this study right now in my life and I am looking forward to it!

Monday night we enjoyed celebrating my Dad's birthday. He made an excellent choice for dinner. Red Lobster! YUMO! I made him a chocolate/pnut butter cake and it tasted pretty good but a ton of the peanut butter icing melted because of the heat! UGGGH

Yesterday was Earth day. As a homeschooling mom I took the opportunity to focus on creation and the glory and splendor of this world. I mean people, take a look around you...bad economy, bad politics, bad morals, etc. The thing about it....NONE OF THIS IS NEW!!!! We have always had these hard times, shoot, since Adam and Eve the world has not been perfect from the human level. Take time though and look at it spirtually.....even though this world is not our home and we have so much more to look forward to. We are tremendously blessed!!! Our earth is beautiful. We went to see the movie EARTH. I was so pleased. It was not ful of political propaganda or even environmental undertones. It did have some sad parts when you experience the "circle of life" LOL! However, just looking at God's creation was amazing. Eli was blown away. In his words, "there are no words to describe God, amazing doesn't even do it". So next time you are worried about the economy, politics, or whatever drags your mind away take a look around you. If you look at all of those things you may not see God anywhere but HE IS EVERYWHERE. "all creation dances before his thrown" look around and see the beauty of the seasons changing, the magnificiant colors, and beauty that is EVERYWHERE! It is like Tommy said the other day, "you can see God's glory and splendor, even in the rain".

So for now, I am going to go... I made some yummy fruit dip and I need to cut up our fruit and get ready to cook dinner. Hope to hit the tanning bed and work out tonight! Hope all is well for everyone.....Eli has a soccer tournament this weekend and I have cake to bake. We hope to plant our flowers and garden in between everything else we have to do!

Off to spend some time in God's beauty outside!!!!

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