Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Date night with little man...

Tonight has been one of those nights when I realize a few things....

1. Eli is growing up way to fast.

2. Bleeze is a sweetie pie.

3. I am getting old fast..LOL!

I dropped Eli off tonight for a Bonfire with the Fusion group at church. He had fun other than falling into a briar patch. We removed 23 thorns plus all the ones the leaders removed at the event. Poor fellow! While Eli was off enjoying what he thinks is the "teen-age" life. I was off to spend some time with my little man! I took him to see Dreamworks Megamind. Such a good little movie. He was precious. After the movie we joined Tommy for some dinner and then picked my big guy up! Glad that they both had such a fun day!

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