Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday.....

Well...this year I was not as crazy as the past. I did not get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping but I did go shopping after a lunch of leftovers from my parents. Not only did I go shopping but I went with my hubby and two boys. So much fun we had!!! We enjoyed a trip to the mall, walmart, target, and Garden Ridge where we purchased a new Christmas tree. One other thing we did was Bleeze got to sit on Santa's lap. We had to make Eli get the picture made (poor guy) he is getting so big!! We did not plan on doing the pics today but Bleeze cried and the line was not long. He has been awesome about Santa this year. So fun! He really sees the magic in all of it and I LOVE that! We had a great time and enjoyed yummy hamburgers for dinner! Headed to bed so I can get up, clean the house, and decorate the tree!!! Fun times!

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