Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday and a grateful heart

So today was a little crazy. Had another wedding today. I was able to be with my family all morning that made me happy. We had lunch out at Wendy's (blah) but at least we were together and then it was off to work. Thanks to Mary (my motherinlaw) for watching my sweet boys. They had fun and it helped me out. Tommy and I worked the event today. Big thanks to Brian and Josh for coming out to help in the transition. It went pretty smooth.

Tommy and I took a break and had some dinner at the new place Harry and Jean's it was so good. For those of you who are local, go try it. It is located across the street from Costco (the old PRIME) it is so pretty in there and it is so good. I had the pecan crusted catfish and grits and Tommy had apple pork tenderloin and cheese potatoes (I tasted both and it was amazing)

The event was over early tonight and were able to get the boys and get home early. So I am very thankful for that. I am exhausted. So for is my gratitude.

* Fun lunches with my family (even at

*Mary for watching the boys

* Yummy food with my man

* My sweet man who let me wear his jacket because it was sooo cold tonight.

* Sleep

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