Thursday, January 7, 2010

just another day in

Today has been an errand running day again. Lot's going on! Whew..... I will be so happy when Brandi comes back from Disney. I am so happy that they are getting to go but I miss them! Met with two awesome brides today. That was great! hehehe... I almost fell of the treadmill tonight reading my magazine. It was so embarressing. LOL! We got to see some snowflakes tonight too. Bleeze was so excited. I am sad though because I really don't think it is going to stick..ughh...

now for something to be grateful for.....

* McD's sweet tea
* snowflakes...(the look in Bleeze eyes when he sees them)
* fat free poppy seed salad dressing....soooo good....
* Tommy...he has been supportive this week and helped me through lots of "sticky" situations....


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