Wednesday, March 11, 2009

good times...spring is in the air (cold air on the way)

The past few days have been beautiful. The boys have loved playing outside. I have loved being outside. It always makes me think about when we first moved into our neighborhood. Eli had never really been able to play outside and I used to sit outside for hours with him. Bleeze was a tiny baby. ahhh....sweet, sweet memories.

Yesterday the neighborhood kids had a little talent show. They were so cute. They sang, skateboarded, and danced. It was really cute. They even put out chairs for the parents and served popcorn. They had been practicing for the past week. I felt like I was watching an episode of "The Little Rascals"

Today we went to the park with the Ward gals! We had so much fun. It was so pretty outside. (even though cold, rainy weather is the forcast for the rest of the week) I think I got some sun. YAY! I am so Snow White right now. We visited with my mom after that. She had her 3rd eye surgery today and it went great. There is even hope of some vision returning. PRAISE GOD! God is so awesome like that! Anwyay, I am going to get my sweet Bleeze down for a nap and then cook us some dinner. Eli has soccer tonight! Going to show some gratitude before I go.....

* My moms surgery going so well
* Cute kids....that make me smile
* Warm, Sunny days with friends at the park
* flip flops
* peach ice tea
* true friendship
* the fact that I had no capri pants or shorts that I could wear today!

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