Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, we have went from snow on the ground to warm sunny, 70 degree weather. I am not complaining though. I really wanted the boys to be able to play in the snow and I really wanted it to warm up. I got both. So GREAT! I am however, hoping the warm weather will stick around. Feeling the warm sun today and being outside just made me crazy, excited for not just spring but SUMMER!

This week has been has been busy. I have many errands to run. Thursday I was able to take advantage of Earth Fare's customer appreciation days. I LOVE EARTH FARE! I loved being able to get 20% off EVERYTHING in the store. I was shocked.... EVERYTHING. The sale even included Beer and Wine. CRAZY! I would have thought that there would have been some exclusions but EVERYTHING was included. The best part was all the great deals besides the 20% off sale. I bought so much fruit it was crazy. I also got all of our probiotics and Emergen-C. My total bill was 263.00 but I only spent 150.00 Woohoo! That is over 100.00 off! YAY ME!

Enjoyed dinner with Brandi and Bible study Thursday night both were awesome. Enjoyed Midtown Deli and the ride with Brandi and then I got some great insight at Bible study on some things I had been struggling with.

Yesterday was extremely crazy. I baked some cake, ran a few errands for Tommy, went to Hobby Lobby, Target, and Bloom for groceries. Then when we got home made the boys some dinner and worked on a cake order for today. 36 tiny pirate faces on cupcakes and a big pirate face cake! SO CUTE!

This morning came early for me. Took my Dad some of my cake to test for me. You have to order our spring flavors for your next event or just to enjoy for your family. They flavors are amazing....blackberry, key lime, lemon, and raspberry. All made with real fresh fruit and fresh ingredients. They are amazing.

Ran to Brandi's to help her get a order ready for delivery..(just in time I might add) LOL! Then I had to pick up Eli's a new jersey for soccer. Today was kinda rushed now that I think about it. After the soccer store I hung out at the house and did some laundry, made the boys lunch, and then dropped them off with my parents while I went to meet with some bridal clients. (Mandy and Jonathon) I am excited about their cakes! Then I went and hung out with my boys and my parents on my parents back porch. It was amazing outside today. Made me get into camping mood. Then we were off to Eli's soccer game. VIPERS won again today 3-2! YAY! My Eli played an awesome game! After the game we headed to my uncle Leamon's 73rd bday party. OH MY! It was at Red Robin.I ate WAY< WAY too much! I haven't been eating crap in months and I made up for it tonight. I did share with Tommy so that was not too bad. I did eat too many fries though. Then to top that off. I had promised Bleeze he could help me make brownies when we got home so I enjoyed a fat free brownie, fat free vanilla ice cream, and fat free chocolate syrup. I am STUFFED! The dessert may have all been fat free but it certainly made me feel like a fat cow.

So for now, I am going to get my kiddos in bed. Eli is there already but i have a feeling Bleeze is going to be tough. He slept through the bday party and did not wake up until 7:30 and then Tommy gave him a coke icee. My kids do not drink caffeine. So I think I am in trouble. It does not help that time "springs" forward tonight. I love 1st service on Sunday but 2nd service is sounding good. LOL! Nah... I will got 1st but at 7 in the morning it is going to feel like 6...ugghh!

So for now, hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I am off to get Bleeze to sleep (fingers crossed) and then hit the sack myself.

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