Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 15 Years!

Yesterday was my 15 year Wedding Anniversary. I can not believe it has already been 15 years. God has blessed us so much. I could never give Him enough thanks for all that he has done for us. We have two beautiful boys and never in a million years did we think that at 15 years of marriage we would have a baby girl on the way.

We celebrated this year with a trip to Atlanta, GA due to the fact that I cannot travel more than 4 hours from home and I cannot fly. So we will have to plan the trip we had planned on this year at a different time. Last night we had dinner at City Range and we enjoyed the movie The Help. It was great movie. You can read my dinner review here and my movie review here

So here's to celebrating 15 years of marriage .....

I love you Tommy!!!

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