Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year... New Blog

So... It's January 2014... and  we all are making New Year's resolutions...... blah, blah, blah.... I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but this is a yearly thing no one seems to keep up with EVER! I know I am guilty of making an entire list of "resolutions" or "do better this year list".... whatever we decided to call it that year... and by January 15th of each year must of the "promises" have been compromised in one fashion or another.   So for me this year.... I just think I will do whatever I can to make things "better" or "different" in the moment I am in.

For those of you who know me and know me well and have known me for many years, you know that I was once a VERY faithful blogger. I blogged daily sometimes multiple times daily. I had a pretty huge following of readers and I really enjoyed sharing my life with anyone interested.  I shared everything from family moments, people, places, and things that I enjoyed,  political and religious views, ideas, feelings, etc. You name it... it was in my blog. Here is the thing about my blog... it was always real, raw, and to the point. It was however I was feeling that day... heck, some days I didn't even you punctuation or proper  grammar. I have been know to type in entire lower case or upper case. However I was feeling that day.   So why did I stop blogging? I guess there are many different reasons..... First of all I found I was expecting baby #3 and it totally stopped me dead in my tracks.... it was if life stood still, busy... busy... busy... life is SO busy, but I guess the number one reason is the hurt I felt from some of the people I loved most. Many discussions, good and bad, came from my blogging days. It is crazy how people who have a difference in opinion with you can just write you off  just because of personal opinions and beliefs. 

So with that being said.... I guess if I were going to make a New Year's resolution, change, etc.... whatever we want to call it.... my biggest thing would be to rid myself of hurt and intimidation of what people think in almost every single area of my life. So with that being said... it is the return of the ALLISON BAGWELL BLOG!!! LOL!!! 

I have to admit that I absolutely loved blogging and to be honest with technology in this current day... it is just an open book,  journal , or diary that I can leave behind for my precious children.  I am sure that I am going to have readers again who love my blog and people who think I am just a weirdo...but... for those of you know me... you know I really don't care and at the end of the day..... I am a weirdo. LOL!  So here it goes.... just a little update on my life in the past couple of years...


1. Still married to my handsome husband Tommy.

2.  Loving my precious kids.... Eli just turned 15...(gulp),  Bleeze is 8, and Miss Priss Suri is now 2.

3. Tommy still owns Bagwell Custom Floors and it is doing well and thriving. He is about to embark on some new business adventures this year and we are very excited.

4. Eli is working harder than ever at being an amazing dancer. I have NEVER been proud of anyone in my entire life! He teaches me a thing or two every day about hard work and persistence.

5.  Bleeze.... he is same old loveable Bleeze! He is sharpening his dance skills also but his true skills is being a minecrafter! LOL!!! That little guy is so sweet and loving.. I get about fifty kisses and hugs a day!

6. Suri... well my beautiful princess is pretty amazing. She is so much fun for our entire family. We just love her to pieces! She is just busy growing and learning and messing... this girlie is the messiest girl on the planet but I love her all the more for it :).

7.  I now own a photography studio and boutique and love every minute of it!

8. I am still a homeschooling mommy and love it all the more!

9.  I still love to bake and craft but I never have time for either anymore.

10.  I still LOVE to shop! LOL!

So there you have it! A little catching up and the first "blog" of 2014 with many more to come!

Happy New Year to you all!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your blogs because they are real and raw!! I think you have a great perspective of life. Face many things the we all do. I started following you from Care Mom days. Glad your back!!

Anonymous said...

YAY YOUR BACK!!! I need to start mine again maybe it will help me with my grief. Love ya girl.

Anonymous said...

last post from Karen.xxxxx