Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think FB is caught up now...

Well, I think Facebook is now caught up on all my blogs. LOL! Sorry for the confusion I may have caused. This week has been good. I have kept myself busy. Errands, meetings, quotes, phone calls,etc. Today we went to Children's Books (I refer to it as the homeschool store) Bagwell Elementary starts on Monday. LOL!!!! I always wait until after Labor Day. The boys are really excited this year and they are going to have their own homeschool blogs so everyone will have to subsribe so you can see what they are learning. Bleeze is excited to be more active this year in schooling than last year. He has been looking at all his "school" stuff all day.

The very best part of today was that my sweet Bleeze came into the living room, started to cry and said "I want to ask Jesus and me heart and say I am sorry for my sins" He is so precious. I don't know where it came from other than true conviction. He had been playing.....Praise God that my boys recongize the voice of their heavenly Father at such an early age. AWESOME!!! God ROCKS!

My parents were gone to Houston last week to visit my brother and his family and have come back sick as dogs. Both have bronchitis. I feel sorry for them. Hopefully the Z-pack will help and they will be well soon.

So this weekend is on a light note....that is a good thing because next week is jammed packed. I am excited though. That means things are happening!!!!! Well, I am off to do some more bookwork and lesson plans.

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Cathy Mustain said...

Bleeze is so sweet. That is wonderful. Sitting here with tears rolling as I read it. Love you guys.