Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trying to keep my promises....haha!

I am trying to keep my promises on the entire blogging thing...LOL! So what's up today. Today I have been busy...SUPER busy! I have to say huge shout out to my parents for being there to help me the past two days. I have had several very important meetings and lots of decisions to make. They are awesome! Also a special thanks to my hubby. He has been wonderful lately. So supportive and I am so happy to have him involved some in my business. I have to admit that it was super nice working along side him all day yesterday!

We had a spectacular lunch today at Zamorah's in Simpsonville. I just love that good old soul food. The best meat and three around....we splurged and bought three different pieces of cake to try them all. We had red velvet, chocolate, and Italian Creme. All three were WONDERFUL!!!

I had a couple of meetings this evening to but one of them was for church. I just love the ladies on the ministry team at Grace. It is an honor to serve along side them. They are always so encouraging and I am SUPER excited about all that God is going to do in the upcomping weeks/months through our new study!!!

Well, that is a brief little update on little ole me. For those of you who follow me and are believers. Say a little prayer for me. I have lots of VERY important decisions to make and I need lots of wisdom, strength, courage, and clarity! For now....for all you fall lovers out there.. enjoy this fall weather!

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