Friday, August 13, 2010

We spent most of the morning tying up loose ends at home and for our businesses and then we were off for VACA! WHOOT WHOOT! Lord knows we sure need it! We stopped for dinner in Columbia. No trip through Columbia is complete without having something to eat from Rush's. Crazy thing is, we are in the parking lot and Bleeze announces "Mrs. Brandi is here" Sure enough I turn around and there is her car. LOL! It was John and Dean on their way down to Ocean Lakes! We drove half way to Kingland Georgia. The hotel is so nice! We got here just in time for our nightly bed and Golden Girls. LOL!!! The boys did great on the drive they can take about 5 hours before they start to go crazy! So thankful for the ipad, ipod, satellite Disney Radio and portable DVD players. I am going to get some sleep now! Nightie night!

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candacestone said...

I am so glad you are having fun! :) I love you! I miss you but you deserve a getaway! :) I am so thankful for you...words can't express!